Kenyans Engage in Mixed Reactions After President Uhuru’s Interview at Inooro Radio

Kenyans Engage in Mixed Reactions After President Uhuru’s Interview at Inooro Radio


President Uhuru Kenyatta and Inooro and Coro Fm Presenters

Kenyans on twitter are an unhappy lot after President Uhuru made an address in what they thought was a special address to the Kikuyu nation.

In a tweet shared by the official State House account, Kenyans were made aware that the president was making an official communication to Kenyans via Kikuyu dialect stations and that was not taken kindly.

President Uhuru’s message was to aimed to inform Kenyans on the measures so far taken by the Government in ensuring citizens continue with their lives in the wake of the fast-spreading infectious disease.

One user @T_Gathoni highlighted that Uhuru was doing the broadcast in Kikuyu, with an aim to clarify a lot of things to our elderly or those who don’t understand Swahili or English. She added that our leaders should start addressing people in a language they understand.

Mutahi Ngunyi too was quick to support the president’s directive asking what more Kenyans wanted to hear that he never addressed yesterday.

“Uhuru addressed the country in ENGLISH yesterday. What MORE will he tell you in ENGLISH that he did NOT? Let him appeal to his CONSTITUENCY in a LANGUAGE they FEEL – Kikuyu. And if David Ndii does not LIKE it he can SIT on a PIN! Period.” he wrote.

LSK President NelsonHavi made a special request to Royal Media Services, asking them to give the rest of the radio stations a notice of when to tune in to Ramogi, Mulembe and other dialect radio stations.

Other Kenyans on twitter felt it was unfair of him to only communicate with ‘His people’. David Ndii in particular said the action was very shameful. “What is the president of late smoking and drinking. ? Speaking to Kikuyus alone. ?” he wrote.

Many Kenyans also joined in with mixed reactions and here were some of them;

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