Hakuna Kuingia Nairobi! Tedd Josiah Condemns Government’s Call on Restriction

Hakuna Kuingia Nairobi! Tedd Josiah Condemns Government’s Call on Restriction


I was young, stupid and arrogant in first marriage -Tedd Josiah
Music Producer Tedd Josiah Photo: Courtesy

Music producer and businessman, Tedd Josiah has opened up on how the government’s call on restriction was not a well thought through plan.

Tedd’s statements engaged netizens into a back and forth conversation when a video surfaced of Kenyan men that were pleading with policemen at a roadblock to be allowed to go home.

In an Instagram post from Jalang’o, the proud father posed in the comment section:

Think about this. You left Mombasa at 1pm and the govt makes a directive at 4pm that at 7pm same day no one will be allowed into the city without giving people time to make the last trips in. And no one is questioning govt…Vote 🗳 for monkey 🐒 stock up on bananas 🍌”

From the video, it was evident that the impromptu announcement on the restriction to access Nairobi, affected many people and they were not allowed to travel past the curfew time.

In his words, Tedd begged that Kenyans should have been given at least a one day notice before this restriction of movement in and out of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area was initiated.

“The announcement was made at 4 pm, people had 3 hours to get from Voi to Nairobi. IMPOSSIBLE! Now kids are sitting ducks in a very volatile situation and city. Wait till u have kids then u will get it. U will kill without a second thought for ur kids especially if you are a mother because a mother will give up her own life for her children. Something men who make Policy in Africa DONT GET ” wrote Tedd.

For a while now, Tedd has been at the forefront speaking up for ladies and mothers that people may understand them a little better.

To mothers and wives who work outside Nairobi, he begged for them saying how if they hailed from low-income settlements, that they are dangerous spots for little children to be left home alone by a panicked nanny whose also dashed off to be with her kids.

Thus why more time should have been allocated by the government for people to travel.

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