Mama Dangote Hits Back At Tanasha Donna After Revealing Why She Dumped...

Mama Dangote Hits Back At Tanasha Donna After Revealing Why She Dumped Diamond


The feud between  Mama Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna has been ongoing for months. There is seemingly nothing that either one of them can do to regain the trust of the other.

Mama Dangote is still taunting Tanasha whenever an opportunity presents itself. Their back-and-forth bickering continued when Mama Dangote also known as  Sandra Sunura took to her own social network and shared a video of Gigy Money’s E FM Radio interview which seemed to throw shade at Diamond Platnumz baby Mama.

In the video, Gigy Money says,”huwezi kumtuliza mwanaume kwa kumzalia mtoto,”

It is well known, Tanasha has a  4-month old baby, Naseeb Junior with the Jeje hitmaker.

In an interview with True Love Magazine, Ms. Donna disclosed the main reason for their breakup, stating why she doesn’t want her son Naseeb Junior to grow up without a father.

Mama Naseeb also mentioned that dating a Mama’s boy was not easy, because Diamond’s mother (Mama Dangote) is quite controlling and his son had not set boundaries when it comes to protecting the women in his life.

At this point, it feels like this feud will never reach its endpoint. UnlessDiamond and Tanasha get back together.



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