Babu Owino Slammed Over Act Of Generosity

Babu Owino Slammed Over Act Of Generosity


Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino peruses court documents in the company of his lawyer Cliff Ombeta at the Millimani Law Courts

On Wednesday afternoon,  Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto announced they will take an 80 percent pay cut, in a bid to free-up monies to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking from Statehouse Nairobi, they also announced that Cabinet Secretaries and Chief Administrative Secretaries will take 30 percent pay cuts, while Principal Secretaries will have their salaries reduced by 20 percent.

In similar fashion, Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino sensationally declared that he will donate half of his salary to help fight the spread of the dreaded virus.

Unlike what he expected, Kenyans on social media didn’t seem as impressed with his pronouncement and some took to the comments section and advised him to channel that energy into much better causes – like clearing the ballooning hospital bill of Kenyan DJ Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve whom he severely injured during a shooting incident at a Nairobi night club in January this year.

A few days ago, it was revealed that DJ Evolve is still recuperating in hospital following the successful completion of his third surgery.

DJ Evolve in hospital

This is according to DJ Shock, who has been keeping in touch with the family of DJ Evolve.

“He is still recovering but only his mother is allowed to be close to him, other visitors wave from the outside of the glass,” Shock said.

“This was after his third surgery so the wound can heal as quickly as possible.”

His father, however, expressed great worry over the soaring charges which stood at Ksh. 13 million then.

Speaking to Capital FM three weeks ago, Babu Owino stated that he had chosen to forgive himself after the shooting.

“It is a matter that is between me and God and I chose to forgive myself, we cannot change the past but we can change the future, let us focus on what is coming in the foreseeable future. Let us not dwell so much in our past cause we can’t change it, no matter how we would want to,” Babu stated.

The legislator further maintained that he would foot the hospital bills incurred by the DJ.

He, however, declined to comment further on the case, stating that it was a matter that was before the courts.

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Earlier in March, High Court Judge Luka Kimaru ruled that Babu should not be forced to pay DJ Evolve’s hospital bill, noting that it should be considered a moral obligation.

The judge stated that the order to pay DJ Evolve’s hospital bill could only be issued by a civil court and not a criminal court.



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