Z Anto Opens Up on His Marriage With ‘Binti Kiziwi’

Z Anto Opens Up on His Marriage With ‘Binti Kiziwi’


Z Anto and Sandra Khan (Instagram)

Many people outside Tanzania didn’t know that Z Anto was married to ‘Binti Kiziwi’ vixen Sandra Khan. This is likely due to the fact that their relationship was before the age of social media.

Days after Sandra was released from prison after spending 7 years behind bars, Z Anto has opened up about their marriage in an interview with Ayo TV.

“We are now divorced. I made a mistake when issuing the divorce because according to the Islamic religion, you are supposed to repeat the talaq three times on different occasions but was I so angry that I gave her three at once. According to Islam, this translates to one,” he revealed.

Z Anto also disclosed that he didn’t sire any children with Sandra and by the time she was imprisoned, they had already divorced.

The singer believes that the reason they broke up is because they were just too young for marriage.

“We broke up because of the challenges of being young. Our union broke because were childish as I married her when she was still young. According to my religion, I was ripe for marriage but in reality, I was not ready for marriage. We broke up on good terms, but we agree that immaturity played a huge role in our divorce,” he added.

‘Nichape’ Video

In the same interview, he explained why he cast the Binti Kiziwi beauty in his latest video ‘Nichape’.

”I decided to use Sandra in my new video again because she has lost a lot of time in prison. She first became famous because of music, so I thought it wise to give her back her dignity, name, celebrity status so that it can help her as far as business is concerned,” Z Anto said. 

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