Akwende! Avril Shouts at Naiboi as Their Beef Gets Heated

Akwende! Avril Shouts at Naiboi as Their Beef Gets Heated


Avril (MG 100)

Avril and Naiboi recently ignited their beef after Naiboi posted a video trashing the ‘Kitoko’ singer.

In the video, Naiboi had asked his fans to suggest a female artist he should work with in 2020 but warned them not to mention Avril. As expected, people tagged Avril in the post and she was quick to clap back at him for holding a grudge against her for 2 years.

The reason the two have been beefing is that Avril refused to appear in Naiboi’s 2-in-1 video 2 years ago.

Avril has now revealed why she didn’t appear in the video. The gorgeous musician disclosed that Naiboi has asked her to do the video in a rush and at that point, she was recuperating as she had just given birth to her son and was dealing with an episiotomy.

“I had just delivered my baby that time, I was in recovery mode so Naiboi akanitumia message ‘Is it possible for you to do a video for me?’ I said ‘no problem’. I thought that the video was to be done in a week or so but he kept blowing up my phone asking if it was done. I didn’t reply to his messages because I felt that I didn’t need that kind of pressure right now. Nafikiria venye nitapump maziwa ya mtoto wangu. I had an episiotomy which means walikinikata ndio mtoi aweze kutoka poa. I had problems as I couldn’t sit properly,” she explained on Milele FM. She also revealed that Naiboi didn’t now that she had given birth as she was keeping it private but she wasn’t keen on his persistent messages asking for the video.

Naiboi (Courtesy)

“I was not in that state of mind so beef ikaanzia hapo so the next thing I heard he is on the radio saying that Victoria Kimani and Avril are refusing to be in my video. As a female artiste, I took it personally because we get picked on over and over again. It’s a male-dominated industry so I needed to stand up for a few chics out there,” she explained.

However, it seems that Avril is done with being civil and had a blunt message for Naiboi. “Akwende! Makasiriko ya 2018 aache in 2018,” she said.

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