ODM Turns Away Job Seeker at Orange House

ODM Turns Away Job Seeker at Orange House


It is now evident the rate of unemployment in Kenya is almost becoming an incurable disease in Kenya.

Over the past two months, thousands of Kenyans have lost their jobs.

Those seeking jobs have also been trying their efforts unsuccessfully.

It is this unemployment rate in Kenya that took one Fonnie Francis to Raila Odinga-led Orange House to seek for any available vacancy.

The desperate Kenyan wrote to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, asking if he could be allowed to work at Orange House.

@edwinsifuna I also write to you. Please can I work at Orange Hse,” he asked.

Well, his expectations were high, but it was too unfortunate for him to be turned down.

Sifuna while replying to the request noted that there were no any available vacancies at Orange House.

He however noted that once the vacancies are made available, the job seeker was free to apply after the chances being advertised.

“Unfortunately we do not have any vacancies at the moment. When we do we will advertise and you are welcome to apply,” Sifuna replied.

But have they ever advertised for the vacancies before?

Well, let us wait for the advertisement that SG Sifuna has promised.


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