Home News Drama As Kenyans Criticize Uhuru Over His Excessive Weight Gain

Drama As Kenyans Criticize Uhuru Over His Excessive Weight Gain


President Uhuru Kenyatta some time back deleted all his personal social media handles as a result of trolling.

It was too much and he could not handle the pressure.

But being a high profile public figure, the President’s presence can still be felt online.

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The Head of State is currently in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo on an official trip.

It is the photos of the Kenyan leader shared by State House online platforms that have had Kenyans talking.

Activist Boniface Mwangi placed on his Twitter page a photo from the visit and another one taken some years ago.

The difference between the two is visibly striking. In the new pictures, some Kenyans claim that the President has gained a lot of weight.

Critics and body-shamers did not hesitate to comment, alleging that the new look is as result of “feasting well on our money”.

Some even suggested that he should fast together with Muslims during the holy month of Ramadhan so that he can cut the unnecessary weight.

But government backers scolded those who were body-shaming the President, saying it is okay to criticise the administration, but unethical to mock his physical appearance.

Have a look at the comments we have sampled for you:

Lord Abraham Mutai: “This is body shaming. But, of course, you have your justification. If someone had put a woman in the same scenario, you would be shouting your lungs out about respect for women’s bodies. But well. It is what it is. HYPOCRISY!”

Wanjiru Muya: “Body-shaming people is not cool.”

Vivian Agero: “It’s not fair to joke about the President’s weight. Seriously. As much as we are all upset about his poor governance, I didn’t expect you would join those mocking his appearance.”

Mumo Kivale: “He should go and exercise. He can’t be that fat when we are suffering out here. That’s being unfair.”

Wamaitha Karimi: “Regardless of our differences, we should never bodyshame anyone.”

Mutahi 254: “The hate people feel for the guy, those evicted, those left without income, those starving, those who’ve lost loved ones (and more), you cant be healthy with that directed at you.”

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