Things No One Tells You When You Lose Your Job

Things No One Tells You When You Lose Your Job


Before you freak out and write yourself off as a failure, try to see this as a time for positive change, and embrace the possibilities instead of letting yourself get depressed.

Here are some of the things people don’t tell you when you lose a job.

Don’t rehash the story

Blame something or someone for the loss, or explain it to everyone what happen will not heal the pain,blame never accomplishes anything.

Don’t get addicted to your story of why you got fired or how unlucky you are, because it will hold you back.

Always frame things in the positive.

People who are optimists and have positive beliefs will always get through this change better than others.

Let go of the way life should have gone.

 Resisting job loss causes more pain. Sometimes you know why you were fired, sometimes you just don’t. Don’t waste any time figuring it out.

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 Give yourself time to figure out the next step.

Don’t feel pushed to get a job just to have one. Take time to figure out what you want to do next. Maybe it’s time to finally make that move to a bigger city you’ve been putting off.

Even if you stay in the same career, give yourself time to find the right job and not just the first job that pops up.

Make a plan.

Regardless of whether you’re staying on the same track or using this opportunity to change careers, make a plan.

Make plans about what you’ll do if you don’t find your dream job in a month. Plan for any options that might come up in your job hunt.

Don’t be afraid to accept a transitional job.

Don’t get upset if the only jobs you can find are transitional jobs, and don’t feel like a failure if you need to take a temporary job to make ends meet.

There’s nothing wrong with working a job that might not benefit your resume in the long run, just to pay your bills in the meantime.

 Change the way you apply for jobs.

A lot of people apply for jobs by just sending out resumes to any openings. Don’t do this and expect to get what you want.

Read job listings carefully, make sure you want the position and would be a good fit, and then tailor your resume to each specific job.

Looking for a job is now your job.

It may take a lot longer to find a new job than you think it will.

Many people are running out of their unemployment benefits, taking six months or more to find a new job.


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