Mungu Ni Mwema! Jahmby Koikai Resumes Back To Her Hustle After Lenghty...

Mungu Ni Mwema! Jahmby Koikai Resumes Back To Her Hustle After Lenghty Treatment In USA


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Isn’t God gracious? Media Personality Jahmby Koikai is back with a bang!

The bubbly emcee took to her Instagram to share she is resuming back to her normal duties. She will be hosting Reggae night every Wednesday at The 1824 club.

Hey fam, for the first time ever I will be doing my thing at @mdcccxxiv yaani 1824. My first time ever, I’ve just been hearing about it nikiioneanga kwa mtandao lol…Kesho I’ll be there with my boys, I’m ready!!!!! Booked and busy!!!!! God is restoring all my years meeeeeen!!!!” she captioned! 

Jahmby was diagnosed with endometriosis which made her undergo certain surgeries that put her life at risk. She left Kenya in February 2018 for treatment in Atlanta, United States. She was suffering from Thoracic Endometriosis which is the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity.

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This condition is characterized by the presence of air or gas in the pleural cavity which causes the lung to break from the chest wall.

The former Trend Live panellist came back to the country in 2019 and urged Kenyan women to stay woke about Endometriosis. She added that it’s possible to overcome it.

“I would like people to know that endometriosis robs women of their livelihoods, careers, relationships, self-esteem, fertility and their will to live because of the pain — but there is hope. We can overcome it, and we should be steadfast in fighting for a cure,” Jahmby added.

Currently, she is recovering well and looking healthier. Here are some of her latest pictures;


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