Esther Passaris Excites Kenyans With Message to Woman Who Insulted Stivo Simple Boy

Bosibori shot to infamy after trolling Stivo Simple Boy and other men over their looks. She had a taste of her own medicine after her own unflattering photos were posted on Twitter and trolling ensued.

A few hours ago, Bosibori revealed that she had learned her lesson and apologized to Stivo. Her act of eating the humble pie seem to touch Passaris who invited her over for a talk on high esteem.

“You my child are coming for a sleepover when I am back. We going to work on your self-esteem. Till our date, every time you look into the mirror, I want you to say to yourself, I am beautiful. You are beautiful and I love you. #selflove2020 #GodIsLove,” Tweeted Passaris.


A tweet that excited Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) who disclosed that they too are going through depression and would like a sleepover invite.


Passaris also encouraged Bosibori to not only forgive but also block her trolls.

“Trolls need our forgiveness and then to get on the express to our blocked list until they find their peace. We should not allow them to ‘rent’ space in our heads and hearts. Let us live for those who are good to us, and die to those not good to us.
#GodIsLove,” Passaris tweeted.

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