Shock Discovery : New Evidence Suggests That Kenyan Rapper Is Indeed Gay...

Shock Discovery : New Evidence Suggests That Kenyan Rapper Is Indeed Gay !!


Colonel Mustapha With Noti Flow

A few days, former Nairobi Diaries actor and rapper Bradley Juma popularly known as Trap King Chrome took to social media and laid claims that former Deux Vulture member Colonel Mustafa for being gay.

Well, Well, new evidence was just uncovered that suggests that Mustapha may have a preference for men.

Taking to her Insta Story, Kenyan rapper Noti Flow laid claims that rapper Trap King Chrome was right when he went public with claims that Colonel Mustapha is gay in an interesting twist of events.

You guys @trapkingcrome was right. Mustafa is gay and he lives with his boyfriend in Utawala! Confirmed. wow Fake ass Muslim,” she posted.

This comes weeks after the former Nairobi Diaries actress issued a statement defending Mustapha, saying the rumour of him being gay was extremely ridiculous and hideous.

Noti Flow went ahead and leaked chats exposing how she has been settling Mustapha’s bills for almost three years in the name of love, only to realize that he is gay.

She went on to belittle, Mustapha’s size of mjuols saying “This guy been a top fruit cake. Always asking niggas to call him big dick. I liked him coz he doesn’t got a big dick. My p**sy small so it needs a small d*ck”

She added that, “This niggah been manipulating me for years in the name of love. All bills on me only to find out he gay 3 years later. I never knew where he lives, he used to hide.”

Responding to the claims, Mustapha dismissed Noti Flow stating that she is only seeking cheap publicity, as she is about to release a new song.





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