Sema Ku-upgrade! Is This The Man Warming Betty Kyalo’s Bed?

Sema Ku-upgrade! Is This The Man Warming Betty Kyalo’s Bed?


News anchor Betty Kyalo has found a new love and it’s evident she is happier. The 30-year-old has been posting photos of her new man where she only reveals his hands and outfit. Fans who have identified themselves as ‘online-in-laws’ have been requesting her to show his face but there is no promising sign that she will unveil his face anytime soon.

Betty Kyalo’s new lover is an upgrade! From the pictures she has posted, we only know he is a white guy who may be an Indian, Arab or Somali.

After digging in deep, we found out he is identified as Javed (@javediqball on Instagram). Here are the reasons we think he is the man keeping the bubbly news anchor busy;

They follow each other on Instagram.

“On the Bio area where it’s written Followed By, Betty is among his followers.”
“He is among Betty’s followers.”

From the pictures Betty has been posting, we identified a black spot on his hand. On his close up photos on Instagram, it can be seen.

“vacation in Diani”

The power couple have recently been going on vacations. There is a period they had gone to Diani during October and they posted pictures the same period.

“In this photo, people were saying that was the news anchor’s hand.”
“Her caption and location tell it all.”

The mother of one also is a huge fan of her man’s pictures. She likes his photos.


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