Ruto is His Own Enemy- Gladys Wanga

Ruto is His Own Enemy- Gladys Wanga


Homabay County Woman representative Gladys Wanga, on Wednesday, told Deputy President Willam Ruto that he is his own worst enemy and must confront his own demons.

In a press briefing, she together with other ODM members said,” for a man who spends so much time hanging around churches we are amazed he hasn’t found someone competent enough to pray for him to arrest his fast unravelling political career.

“Ruto is pursuing his political ambitions at a wrong time, in a wrong way and probably in a wrong country,” She concluded her remarks.

Homabay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga alongside Deputy President William Ruto


Wanga also believed that Ruto was angry because his corruption taps had run dry and the fake projects he used to launch were no longer available.

She asked the DP to face the presidents on matters concerning the above or get out of government and map out a new career path instead of laying blame on the civil servants.

Wanga also reminded the DP that his problem was his vile character and politics of entitlement, division and anger at a time when the nation was focused on reconciliation, forgiveness and unity.

Ruto’s woes deepened as President Uhuru Kenyatta lashed out at the Tanga Tanga group of leaders allied to his deputy William Ruto, for confusing Kenyans over the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Speaking in his native Kikuyu, the visibly angry President castigated leaders “who have been going around the country to poison people against the report” launched last week, saying they will not succeed.

“A week before the report was released, they were going around criticising the report … now that the report is out, they have changed tact … these are people who do not know,” he said, in what was widely interpreted to be directed to his Deputy Ruto and leaders loyal to him.

And he was categorical that Kenyans should “not let any leader dictate to you what you should do.”

“You are not stupid,” he said, “read (BBI report) it for yourselves. You know what you want, Kenyans want peace, unity and the proper use of their resources in a way that will help the local Mwanainchi.”

He was speaking in Mangu, Kiambu County, where he launched a dispensary, declaring, “enough is enough.”


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