Raila Odinga’s 1982 Coup Claims Set Twitter on Fire

Raila Odinga’s 1982 Coup Claims Set Twitter on Fire


Just a day after deputy president’s Communication Strategist Dennis Itumbi promised to expose ODM party leader Raila Odinga and his involvements in the 1982 coup, heated reactions have emerged on twitter.

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ODM party leader Raila Odinga. He was accused of planning the 1982 coup that sought to dethrone then President Daniel Moi. Photo/File

The reactions followed Itumbi’s Tuesday tweet where the strategist had posted a section of the documentation alleging that Raila Odinga had actively taken part in planning a failed attempt to overthrow the then, President Daniel Moi from power in 1982.

While laying bare coup plans claimed to be from written by a Major in the Kenyan airforce who witnessed the happenings, Itumbi promised to compile further documentation linking Raila to the coup that saw him going into exile for some time.

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The report claimed that among other reasons that provoked Raila to overthrow Moi’s government included; the way members of the Luo community in the armed forces were being treated by the government, killing of the community’s elite leader Tom Mboya, detention of Raila and underdevelopment in Western Kenya among many other reasons.

“1982 Coup – Statements of the planning – I will publish them here over the next few days. Brand Violence in Kenya equals one man in Kenya #SystemYaFacts, Posted Itumbi on twitter.




Itumbi’s alleged exposure, however, attracted heated reactions from a section of twitter users with many accusing former Digital and Diaspora Communication strategist in the Office of the President of propaganda aimed at tainting Raila’s reputation.

Many termed Itumbi as a hired gun majoring on the unfortunate coup to popularize his ‘master’ at the expense of Raila Odinga whom they say, was acting on the interests of many who had been oppressed by Moi’s regime.


“Raila was attempting to free us from a dictator in 1982. He was fighting for a better Kenya. Only folks in NE who were under emergency rule will know. And he introduced devolution which is helping people in NE Kenya. You can disagree with his politics but he deserves credit,” posted one user @Asmali7.

Here are some more tweets justifying Raila’s involvement in the coup;

Nevertheless, some users supported Itumbi’s statements claiming Raila’s role in the planned Coup led to massive loss of lives and destruction of properties in 1982 hence the need for him to be exposed and taken into account.

Others, however, chose to remain neutral saying the two camps, (Ruto and Raila’s) should stop blame games and instead live to the expectations of many Kenyans in the spirit of the much-hyped 2018 handshake.

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