Pastor Nganga’s Sh 10 Million Guzzler Involved In Accident

Pastor Nganga’s Sh 10 Million Guzzler Involved In Accident


A vehicle, Lexus LX 570 model belonging to Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center was involved in a road accident last week on Friday, November 27 along Namanga road.

Through a Facebook post by blogger Abraham Mutai, it is stated that after the vehicle was involved in an accident, the pastor has since gone into hiding.

A video has also been circulated in regards to the same dating back to November 15, 2019 where the pastor was praising God for gifting him with a new car of his dreams.

“Receiving exclusive reports that Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center was last week Friday involved in an accident along Namanga road and since then he has gone into hiding or the family is hiding him,” wrote Mutai.

The vehicle is estimated to cost at least Ksh. 10 million for a second-hand.

Pastor Ng’ang’a has been dubbed the most controversial preacher going by the video clips circulated on social media.

He has been caught up in some of the most dramatic situations, with one that caught the attention of American rapper Snoop Dog after a video circulated capturing him exorcising demons from a congregant.

He has battled court cases, regarding failure to pay loan debts and a recent one where he threatened Linus Kaikai, a media personality and Director of Strategy and Innovation Royal Media Services.

In an incident in early January this year, a vehicle belonging to controversial pastor was impounded at the Karen Police Station.

It is understood that the vehicle was brought in the wee hours of the morning but the place or how the accident occurred was yet to be revealed.

Ng’ang’a however claimed that his Personal Assistant was the one driving the car at the time of the accident after the investigations intensified.

The details of the case were also surrounded by controversies after it emerged that the OCPD at the Karen Police Station had been bribed to cover up for the case.

This was not the first incident that the pastor was involved in, as in 2015 he was involved in an accident which left one dead at Limuru and was acquitted of the charge of careless driving.

His legal team argued that he was not the driver and was not present at the time of the accident, however, reports by witnesses and onlookers indicated that he was present and was ferried away from the scene, treated at the Karen Hospital and refused to be admitted.

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