Mutahi Ngunyi Predicts a Run-Off if Ruto Runs Against Raila

Mutahi Ngunyi Predicts a Run-Off if Ruto Runs Against Raila


Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi intimated that come 2022 Presidential elections, presuming Deputy President William Ruto would run against ODM party leader, Raila Odinga, then we would have a repeat election in the country.

The political scientist in one of his series of youtube videos said, “if Ruto runs against Babaman, we will have a RUN-OFF.[sic]”

Political Scientist and Analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi

According to Ngunyi, he warned Ruto that by clinging to his presidential ambitions, he will be deserted by his supporters and those around him.

“I am afraid that today, Raila Odinga is making more sense than Ruto.

“Yes, Ruto has won the 2022 argument but Raila will win the 2022 war. Politics is like romance, if you hold onto someone too tightly, they will leave you.

“By holding onto his 2022 presidential ambition, Ruto is suffocating those who love him and they will soon leave him,” stated Ngunyi in the video.

Popular by his ‘Tyranny of Numbers’ borrowed hypothesis which turned out to be true in 2013 elections, Ngunyi, further states the repeat election would take six months or more given the” Maraga Effect.”

He further delved into the recently released Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) report saying that it did not solve the problem of contested elections every five years.

In his own opinion, he said the solution was to pass the report through parliament amendment.

The Professor of political science also faulted DP Ruto for his double standards in opposing the constitutional referendum earlier when he had strongly opposed it during the 2010 referendum.

“If Ruto was opposed to this constitution violently, why is he violently opposed to change it? Ruto told us that Raila wants a constitutional change to create a position for himself, but is Ruto opposed to any changes because he wants to preserve a position for himself?” Mutahi posed.

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