Mara Heist Part 2 Exposes DPP Haji’s Failure

Mara Heist Part 2 Exposes DPP Haji’s Failure


Masaai Mara university earned the spotlight for the wrong reason after a damning expose showed the dire situation at the institution.

Citizen Tv who first aired the story, was back at it again for a follow-up on what transpired after they left.

The project by Wahiga Mwaura and Asha Mwilu has revealed that the situation went from bad to worse.

DPP Noordin Haji

The sequel of the story painted the picture of how DPP Noordin Haji had failed in his mission to bring justice to the affected leaning facility.

Whistleblowers who reached out to the media firm noted that the state of things at the public university remained the same.

One of the individuals identified as Spencer Sankale, narrated that the corrupt individuals involved in the scandal, were still in office.

Signboard at Maasai Mara University

The crooks are still in office 

Sankale commented that despite the change of guard at the facility, the crooks behind the corruption saga, went by with their work as normal.

The certified accountant explained that the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Mohamed Abdile was suspended by the council after the appointment of the new VC.

The soft-spoken Sankale added that the systems in place despite the takeover by VC Kitche Magak, had not been reviewed.

“My DVC Prof Abdille was actually instructed to write letters to the four of us but he refused,” remarked the whistleblower.

Abdile is stated to have communicated to the council that no action should be taken against the four as instructed by the DCI.

Whistleblowers lives in danger

Moreover, the employee at the Masaai Mara university highlighted that his life was in danger due to the role he played.

He declared that the DPP had failed to put him and his colleagues into the witness protection program.

Sankale’s sentiments were echoed by his compatriot Wilberforce Serem who during the first part of the expose, had opted to hide his identity.

Serem disclosed that he chose to give up his identity as people at the Narok County-based learning institution already knew that he was part of the gang.

“We did apply for the witness protection from the agency but till now nothing has happened.

“I feel a bit insecure because every time I leave my job in the evening going to the house, I feel like I’m being followed and could be attacked anytime,” uttered Serem.

The latest development caused an uproar by netizens on how Haji has disappointed in the matter.

Here are some of the reactions:

The big question posed with the new information is when will justice be served.

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