Another Foreigner Disappears in Kenya, Evidence Implicates Kenyan Wife

Another Foreigner Disappears in Kenya, Evidence Implicates Kenyan Wife


A German national who has been living in Kenya for the last seven years went missing from his Lunga Lunga home in Kwale County on November 26, 2019.

A statement by his wife, Neema Nyawira, 25, contradicts phone signal records, which show that Topf, 54-year-old retired soldier, did not leave Kenya as claimed by Nyawira in her police report.

The DCI detectives revealed to K24 TV that Topf’s mobile phone signal was last tracked to Mwabao Village in Shimoni area, which is located in Southeastern Kenya near the border with Tanzania.

Possible Photo of Missing German National Paul Topf.//PHOTO COURTESY

The sleuths say all records indicate that Topf did not leave Shimoni as alleged by Nyawira.

Nyawira told police that Topf was deported to his native country and that her relatives had recently called her to confirm that he had arrived safely.

Nyawira, in her statement to police, said Topf was, on November 26, picked from their Lunga Lunga home by four men and a woman, who had introduced themselves as officials from the Immigration Department.

Nyawira claimed that she later learnt that her partner had been deported to Germany and that he arrived in his alleged destination eight days ago.

Nyawira said she filed a missing person’s report at Shimoni Police Station, when she was unable to reach Topf on phone a day after November 26.

The 25-year-old said she did not inform the Germany Embassy in Kenya given Topf called her on November 26 to inform her that he was safe in Shimoni, and would return home ‘soon’.

After filing the missing person’s report, and unsuccessfully waiting for her husband to return home, Nyawira said she received a message from her sister who lives in Germany on Monday, December 2, informing her [Nyawira] that Topf had arrived safely in his motherland eight days ago.

“My sister resides in Germany. We have been communicating since my husband went missing after he was picked from our house [by four men and a woman] a week ago. I had requested my sister to visit Topf’s house in Germany and inquire if he had arrived safely. Yesterday morning [Monday, December 4], she called to inform me that Topf had landed safely in Germany. I am yet to understand why he is yet to reach me on phone,” Nyawira told K24 Digital on phone on Tuesday.

DCI officers in Kwale, however, suspect that Nyawira is not telling the truth.

A DCI detective,  said they have contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to help them investigate Nyawira’s allegations, and unravel the mystery surrounding Topf’s disappearance.

Topf arrived in Kenya in 2012, and, shortly thereafter, exchanged wedding vows with Nyawira, whom he shares a 3-year-old daughter with.

Kwale County Police Commander, Joseph Nthenge, told K24 Digital that Nyawira was interrogated, and has since recorded a statement in relation to Topf’s disappearance.

“We are actively investigating Topf’s disappearance. As of now, we can’t authoritatively say where he is, given his phone is offline. However, we are following crucial leads to establish his whereabouts,” said Nthenge.

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