5 Hairstyles Every Kenyan Lady Should Avoid During This Rainy Season

5 Hairstyles Every Kenyan Lady Should Avoid During This Rainy Season


If there is a time that ladies struggle to look for hairstyles is during the rainy season.

It’s very easy for your hair to break, cut and become weak when exposed to rain. This happens because of the high humidity and acidic rainwater. In order to avoid hair breakage, you need to stop using hair dye and gels since it will build dandruff in your hair. This will expose your scalp to infections and you will not enjoy it.

For you to have healthy hair this rainy season, you need to try protective hairstyles like plaiting braids, faux locs, crochet braids, cornrows just to mention a few. These hairdos will keep your hair protected and make your hair grow more. Ensure to use the right braids spray and oil that will protect the scalp.

Here are 5 hairstyles that will leave your hair in ‘makasiriko’ mood;

1.Open hair. If you have soft hair or retouched hair and you are out here walking with no umbrella, girl your hair will definitely cut.

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2. Wigs. They are good and make your hair grow when in those back to school cornrows. Sadly they are not good for the rainy season since the wind may come hard and the next thing you know is your wig has been swept by the wind. If you have synthetic wig it will be hard to maintain because it shrinks real quick during the cold season.

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3.Weave. Once it’s rained on that’s it, it will be all stinky and you don’t want to turn off your first date with a smelly weave.


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4.Salsa Braids. These braids are very pretty but the sad part is that they are normally unfinished which leaves your hair exposed. It’s prone to weaken when rained on.


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5. Brazillian braids. They are also unfinished braids that will leave you looking and feeling like a star but not appropriate for the rainy weather.


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