Uhuru’s Mega Plan in Trouble After BBI Report Release

Uhuru’s Mega Plan in Trouble After BBI Report Release


The much anticipated BBI report was finally released to the public after it was delayed close to a month.

The project by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga elicited divided opinions way before it was handed over to the two leaders.

Following the launch of the findings, the document elevated the difference and tension to a new level.

President Uhurur Kenyatta during a past public function

It is reported that the debate on the BBI has shifted power from the Big Four Agenda.

Information indicate that the initiative is slowly replacing Uhuru’s grand plan as the way forward for the country.

Details insinuated that the proposal made by the paperwork brought more problems than solutions.

The product of the handshake is stated to have created enemies between Raila and Deputy President William Ruto.

A political expert expressed that the war between the two is set to affect the country severely in the future.

During the launch at the Bomas of Kenya, Ruto openly challenged the report pointing out that Jubilee’s big plan was the way to go.

“Majority of the issues and I have to a good extent read the report, the problems canvas by Kenyans were about ordinary people.

“Jobs, businesses and our agriculture. Your excellency, you have set a perfect program under the Big Four Agenda,” remarked the DP.

Political experts warned that the leaders should stop the bickering around the BBI and focus on matters directly affecting Kenyans.

“It is important that we don’t confuse our citizens by diverting from the most burning thing which is inflation.

“We don’t have money in our pockets, we don’t know what we will eat tomorrow and that is not a headline.

“The headline is BBI,” remarked a political analyst during an interview with NTV.

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