Chris Agong And His Wife Mary Wesonga

Three Homa Bay county officials have been arrested as graft purge hots up.

Former Chief Officer in the Department of Roads Mr. Chris Agong, his wife who works at the County Procurement Office Madam Mary Wesonga and Kepha Rombe were arrested by the DCI sleuths at Isaiah Ogwe’s Golden Rays Hotel.

The three have been accused of awarding county tenders to their own companies and were taken to Kisii where the case will be handled by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

Other county officials, Dan Lieta and John Apollo who are also wanted for the sprawling corruption in the Homabay County government.

Homabay county secretary Isaiah Ogwe

It is reported that after the arrest, Homabay county secretary Isaiah Ogwe held a crisis meeting to discuss how they will hide their tracks and prepare themselves for any eventuality.

Isaiah Ogwe is a dreaded monster who has brought the county government on its knees by his massive looting.

He is reported to be building himself several three-star hotels, numerous residential and commercial buildings and a host of luxurious vehicles with the proceeds of the loot as he is still roaming freely.




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