Kenyan Online Company Jipende Africa Breaks into Global Beauty Market

Kenyan Online Company Jipende Africa Breaks into Global Beauty Market


The world of natural and organic skincare can be confusing. Tons of brands label their products “non-toxic,” “green,” or “clean,” but in reality, those terms don’t mean anything because they’re not regulated.

Jipende Afrika, a Kenyan online shop, has joined the beauty market to change that perception and cater for purely 100 percent natural products.

‘Jipende’ a Swahili word meaning love yourself combined with Afrika brings home to give its customers pure natural and organic beauty products.

According to the company’s CEO and Founder Boniface Makhulo, it’s a wakeup call to Africa as a continent to appreciate its resources especially in innovation and manufacturing i.e beauty products.

Makhulo said that the Company’s philosophy in business is anchored and driven by beneficial partnership right from the source who is farmer, to manufacturers and consumers.

“We believe in offering the really meaning of Jipende Afrika, our products are not compromised by chemicals, preservatives or exposed to harmful impurities. You can count on tested, proven and certified products. It’s a journey we have chosen out of passion and love for Africa resources with a mission to feature organic and natural products that are affordable, good quality skin and hair care products made in Africa,” says Makhulo.

He further stated the reason why he founded Jipende Afrika saying that he wanted to give hope to Africa’s upcoming innovators and manufacturers.

“Having my platform has created employment opportunities for people in Africa and help build Africa economy through self-sustainability. It has also given hope to upcoming Entrepreneurs who believe in building Africa’s own products and brands.” He added.

“Not forgetting our families especially mothers who work in the farms and plantations that produce most of the ingredients used like; Shea nuts, sesame, honey, Carrier oil, cocoa, vegetables among others to survive.”

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