Don’t Eat Spaghetti and Other Sex Tips Kenyans Have Learnt From ‘Twa...

Don’t Eat Spaghetti and Other Sex Tips Kenyans Have Learnt From ‘Twa Twa’ Pastor


Pastor Sue Munene with her husband and Maina Kageni (Courtesy)

Pastor Sue Munene of the Overcomers Church in Kasarani became a nationwide sensation after her ‘Twa Twa’ video went viral.

Since then, she has gone on a number of media interviews where she has shared her sagely sex advice in a bid to revamp the sex lives of married Kenyan couples.

Here are some sex tips Kenyans have learned from the ‘Twa Twa’ Pastor:

1.Communicate After Sex
Pastor Sue informed married couples that it’s important for them to communicate after sex. Ask your partner whether you have satisfied them and if they have satisfied you, congratulate them.

“This kind of feedback gives your man confidence to conquer the world, it makes him king,” she said on Gukena FM.

2. Women should initiate sex
She urged women to not hold back on sex. She attributed her husband’s scandal-free reputation to the fact that she has constant sex with him.

“Stop denying your husbands sex…I always give my husband even when I am sick or having a headache even when we are heading to church,” she disclosed.

3.Have sex anywhere
Have sex away from the bedroom; do it in the bathroom or even the car but in seclusion. Send your kids to the supermarket or even to a friend’s house to create a sex session.

“Do not just have sex in the bedroom, a house has many rooms. If you stick to the bed doing missionary, you will be bored,” she advised.

4. Make time for sex
You have to create time for things you value.

“No matter how busy you are, you will have time for something you value,” she stated.

5. Eat well
Pastor Sue urges ladies to feed their husbands heavy foods like ugali and avoid light food like spaghetti which is not conducive for a ‘Twa Twa’ session.

6.Have sex naked
This creates a wonderful connection in the relationship.

7. Don’t switch off the lights
She urged couples to avoid having sex under the cloak of darkness. Couples should engage all their senses during a sex session and enjoy how they look naked.

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