Simple Home Remedies To Treat Smelly Feet – Daily Active

Simple Home Remedies To Treat Smelly Feet – Daily Active


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Smelly feet can be so frustrating and really embarrassing. It is not just the smell that is irritating, the fact that you get insecure about removing your shoes when you go to other people’s houses is very uncomfortable.

It could happen to anyone although there are some practices that could increase your chances of having smelly feet.

Several health lines highlight that the problem is never about the feet but what causes the stench is lack of proper aeration.

Here are some of the simple remedies that will help you say goodbye to stinky feet

Wash your feet with clean water

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Cleaning up your feet frequently can kill the foot odour. Although you can wash up with water only, you can also use an anti-bacterial soap to give your feet a fresh smell.

Powder your feet

Powder is known to suck up extra moisture. Feel free to try out baby powder, baking soda or any other form of a recommended powder that can be helpful.

Apart from keeping your feet dry/less sweaty, it can also give your feet a sweet smell.

The black tea magic

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Apart from drinking it, tea is one of the most effective home remedies for foot odour.  According to experts, black tea contains tannic acids that can kill odour-causing bacteria and closes pores, which helps your feet to sweat less.

Wear clean socks and shoes

It is very common for people to re-wear their socks with the excuse that they do not look dirty yet. Wearing clean socks and shoes is advisable to prevent the buildup of moisture and dead skin.

You should also avoid wearing wet or damp shoes. Although shoes are made of different material it is important to frequently air them out.

Soak your feet in Vinegar

Soaking your feet in a mixture of vinegar and water can work wonders. Ensure that you get the correct proportion before you soak in your feet.

Vinegar is commended because it helps to reduce the bacteria level that causes the bad smell.



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