Recap of Best Churchill Raw Show as It Comes to an End...

Recap of Best Churchill Raw Show as It Comes to an End – Daily Active



The famous Churchill raw show came to an end leaving the audience recounting the best moments they experienced during the entire show.

Marking the end, the host Daniel Ndambuki, famously known as Mwalimu Churchill King’ang’i disappointed the fans with the bad news.

“Do you know these faces? Today we celebrate a journey, a journey of nothing but Growth and Transformation. The ‘Mid-Week’ dose of fun and laughter comes to an end on NTV today,” he said.

Check out some of the reactions below following the bad news from him.

Lucy Sang’unya Ati season finale????noonooonooooooooo

Mary Mwachofi Season finale why

Mamake Aiden Gachau Wah ati season finale?😲😲

Emily Nyaboke Were gone miss Thur laughter

Mwalimu Onsombi Season Finale 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄or it’s a typing error,,,unajua vidole pia huwa na kiherehere😂😂ama umepea smart joker apost akafikiria Ni comedy 🤒🤒,,

Johnie Bravo Hapa kwangu, finale ! Hope nxt season is coming soon

Nyambura Wa Mwangi Haya na msiende mkiendanga kabisa …na mc Jesi na shixs wako smart hao ndio tuna mlikaa

Below is a recap of some of the best moments during the show.

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