Mariga Joins ‘Mjengo’ to win Kibra Votes – Daily Active

Mariga Joins ‘Mjengo’ to win Kibra Votes – Daily Active


Jubilee candidate for the Kibra by-election scheduled for November 7th Macdonald Mariga has shown photos of him on the ground engaging in the famous Kenyan men rite of passage job ‘mjengo’ while he gave a helping hand to Muslim brothers and sisters with the construction of Laini Saba Mosque in Kibra.

Laini Saba is one of the five wards in Kibra sub-county.


A number of Kenyans hailed him for the bold move

“Kazi mzuri hustler, we will vote for you Man to Man”-Manchester United.

“Give mariga a chance my friend”-Lynn Murono.

“U r the next kibra MP Mariga whether they like it or not”-Dr. Erick Munialo.


On the other hand others called out his aid as a mere publicity stunt.

“Saa izi Ata sewage unaeza osha na ulale kwa nyumba iko na kunguni. Lakini ukishachaguliwa najua hauezi rudi. Kuna mwenye alinyeshewa akiomba kura na hatujai muona. Tunaskia tu ako China ameenda kutuongezea shida. Akirudi anapanda ndege anaenda Egypt”.-Mungereti

“Cheap publicity stand, no sympathy votes in kibra Sera zako ndio nguzo yako bro bure kibra utaiona paa”-Lewis James.

“Ataionea viusasa”-Ayogo.


On the other hand Hassan Joho today joined their candidate Bernard Otieno Okoth for Friday prayers at Makina Mosque in Kibra. He exuded confidence that Okoth will emerge the winner in next week’s by-election. He was accompanied by Director of Campaigns Junet Mohamed and other leaders.

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