Khalwale Takes Otiende Amollo Head on Over Anti-Mariga Remarks – Daily Active

Khalwale Takes Otiende Amollo Head on Over Anti-Mariga Remarks – Daily Active


Former Kakamega Senator, Bony Khalwale will defend Jubilee’s interest at Kibra by every means possible.

Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo and Boni Khalwale: PHOTO COURTESY

He has been labeled the ‘master’s dog’ who will always be on guard to ‘bark’ on behalf of Deputy President William Ruto.

The latest target in the defensive war is Rarieda legislator, Hon. Otiende Amollo whom Khalwale has accused of having a mental illness known as selective amnesia.

The jibe between the two politicians from rival ODM and Jubilee Parties started when Khalwale brought in a tribal affair in Kibra politics.

According to him, the Luo community through ODM has had dominance in the region and it is time to hand over the mantle to the Luhya Community which is also a majority in Kibra Constituency.



Raila Odinga has been the target of the latest insults and threats from the former Kakamega County senator who has ordered the old man to leave their ‘baby’- Mariga alone since they were not agemates.

Speaking during a campaign on October 31, Khalwale shielded Mariga from Odinga’s wrath as he helplessly stood beside him.

“You fought with Kijana Wamalwa, Mariga is a baby whom you should not fight with your old age. I want to tell Raila Odinga that we are up to the task, Mariga is going to be our MP whether you like it or not,” Said Khalwale.


ODM’s Communication director Philip Etale could not stand and watch as his party leader was insulted and given warnings asking Khalwale to keep off from calling the late Michael Kijana and let him Rest in peace.

With only 6 days remaining to the Kibra by-election, the political heat in the region is rising day by day with Imran Okoth(ODM) and Mcdonald Mariga(Jubilee) as the last men standing.

However, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has not been left out of this war as the ODM party has expressed mistrust in the commission.

The commission is on the ODM’s Radar for failing to release a detailed voter register in accordance with the law.

In the statement, Odinga’s party said the register provided by the commission lacked important particulars such as Identity Card details.

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