“I Am Older Than My Boyfriend And This Scares Me” Woman Reveals...

“I Am Older Than My Boyfriend And This Scares Me” Woman Reveals – Daily Active


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Age difference in relationships is at times a big deal although some people feel that it never really matters.

According to societal standards, people feel that it is okay for ladies to date older men yet it is awkward for men to date women who are older than them.

Even so, women are at times mocked if they hook up with men who are twice older than them or beyond.

Some people argue that what counts is the level of maturity and partners being able to understand each other.

There are a number of cases where relationships end up being complicated because one may feel that their partner has childish behavior.

Here is a confession of a woman who feels insecure because of the age difference with her lover

👉👉 Hae liam

Hide my identity. this is my confession

I am two years older than my boyfriend and this scares me a lot. We have dated for five years and all the time we have been fighting over petty issues like why are u online, who are u chatting with… Blablabla

..this has really affected me to the fact that love for me is falling apart completely and I feel I am a nobody. Yesterday I had a terrible dream that even made me feel so low. I dreamt that my boyfriend was screwing my younger sister in our house.

I see this coming someday because I want to move in with my boyfriend and my sister too in the same house.

I hope this won’t happen because if it does I will screw both of them.

What would you advise her to do?

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