Father leaves his child to die as he watches Arsenal match

Father leaves his child to die as he watches Arsenal match


Father of a six-year-old girl from Nambale Village in Bugiri District, Uganda is regretting why he left his children home alone to go watch an English Premier League match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace.

The Daily Monitor reported that when the father came back, he found that his daughter had succumbed to burn injuries from a charcoal jiko.

The Daily Monitor reported that the deceased’s mother, Yudaya Namugere,  left her three children in the company of their father as she went to buy salt in the nearby trading center.

However, the children’s father, Saleh Mukulu, an ardent Arsenal supporter, left home and went to the center to watch the football match between the North London club, Arsenal, and Crystal Palace.

At the time food was cooking on a charcoal jiko inside the house but the father threw care in the wind and never thought of the consequences.

According to the village chairperson, Hussein Mulondo, fire broke out when both parents were away.

When the children’s mother, Namugere, returned home, she found her house on fire.

We managed to rescue two children, but the youngest, Annet Namulondo, was found dead,” Mulondo told The Daily Monitor.

James Mubi, the Busoga East police Spokesman, said preliminary investigations suggested that the fire was caused by the charcoal stove which was left burning in the house.

“It was negligent of the parents to leave the children alone in a house which had a burning charcoal stove,” Mubi told the Ugandan news outlet.

Ali Tibesiga, a resident, told the Monitor that the entire district lacks a fire brigade.



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