5 Things Bad Sex From Nairobi Men Have Forced Women to Run...

5 Things Bad Sex From Nairobi Men Have Forced Women to Run to – Daily Active


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Nairobi ladies have become tired of being left unsatisfied sexually by the present greedy and unfaithful men. They would rather get an orgasm from other means than sleeping with a man who will at the end of the day disappoint them.

Below are some things which have offered them sexual satisfaction without depending on the men:

Video Calls

Nowadays, ladies in Nairobi city prefer to make video calls to unknown people for sexual pleasure. Rather than sleeping with men, they would rather video call another person who might be away from the city or a foreigner for sexual satisfaction.

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Sex Toys

The market for these toys has been so active in Nairobi. Ladies have been purchasing them at high rates so that they can use them for sexual satisfaction as a way of avoiding having a man. Don’t be surprised if you find sex toys in your female colleague’s handbag.

Pillow Humping

This is a type of sex that does not allow penetration. Ladies in the city opt for pillow humping and get natural orgasm. This makes them continue surviving without men for bed satisfaction.

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It has been on the rise for a long time and many are times many engage in pornography for money. Surprisingly, as much as money is in the picture, city girls have turned to pornography for sexual satisfaction because even if they are engaging with men during the filming, the man is highly likely to be a stranger.

Sleeping with Fellow Women

It is not a new thing since the need to experiment in a same-sex relationship has been on the rise. Disappointment from city men has also made the ladies run to fellow ladies for sexual satisfaction. It will be easier to have a friend who will sexually satisfy you with no strings attached rather than being with a man.

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