Kenyans roast Musician Akothee for defending Silverstone Airline’s Increasing Accidents

Kenyans roast Musician Akothee for defending Silverstone Airline’s Increasing Accidents


Singer Akothee has angered Kenyans on social media after defending Silverstone Airline following its recent accidents.

Akothee, who is a brand ambassador of the local airline, assured fans that the planes are safe and that there’s no need to panic.

“For the past 2 years we @silverstoneairservices have made 10,000 safe landings, flying 1 million frequent flayers and operating 14 daily flights! You have never heard any complaints of funny incidents,” said Akothee.

“I spend more time at the airports than in my homes, so I will clearly tell you that the two incidents that Silverstoneairservices has hard is not new,it happens if not daily then couple of times on different airlines.”

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The airline has been trending for the better part of this and last week following an emergency landing at Eldoret International Airport by one of its planes after a tyre fell off during take-off.

Many, however, were quick to brush her off arguing that she’s only defending the company because she has been paid.

In fact, her followers argued that an apology from her would have been better than her delayed statement.

“Madam boss you are defending failure instead of apologizing and explaining to us reason for the hitch? Disaster in waiting,” said Lisa Omolo in the comment section.

“You fly your family there because you are the brand ambassador and you are earning from that,….as for us we have nothing to brag about, so we CHOOSE OUR SAFETY first,” added Mukami Carol.

Jay Alphonce said, “2 coincidences in a span of 48hrs makes me nervous. Im glad you are paid for the assurance that is work. We don’t want to fly with “our coffins” nyako!”

A few still sided with Akothee, insisting that accidents are part of air travel though should be avoided at all costs.

“Silverstone is the way to go…I fly and you are only safer when you step into your destination regardless of whatever the airlines you are using..💯support Silverstone” Phine Kim added.

Said Sospeter Agola, “I’ve no complain against Silverstone Airline.”

The Eldoret accident was the second one in just three weeks a thing that has made the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority’s Air Accident Investigations Department to launch a probe on the privately-owned airline.

Here are more reactions:

  • Myk Bryn Ni ukweli Haters walifanya mguu ikaanguka kutoka angani
  • JF Kennedy McOdoyo The explanation is itself as daft as the the person who is giving it .
  • Mukami Carol You fly your family there because you are the brand ambassador and you are earning from that,….as for us we have nothing to brag about, so we CHOOSE OUR SAFETY first.
  • Lenny Linc Njeru As they fix their planes , let them also fix your english because its unlikely that anyone would believe a mediocre justification for a flight mishap. Life cannot be explained with mere comparisons, take a back seat and allow people with technical knowhow to explain.
  • Bridgette Brite Mutuku Silverstone hulimana tu hata zikiwa parking kama mbukinya 😂😂. Last time I used the above mentioned airline nilifika kisumu nikiwa msick na Kupuk! It was smoking like no one’s business! Cheap is always expensive
  • Allan Ndekwe We, officials from the Nduthi Customers Association of Kenya (NCAK) will issue a comprehensive statement any time from now .
  • Duncan Okwaro Akothee I don’t know who you are in Silverstone, but you could have apologized and explained what caused the technical hitch and how you plan to avert it in future instead of doing comparrissons with previous failures. Air transport is a very safe mode and the frequency of the accidents with the same company must attract suspicion amongst the public.
  • Mukurima X Muriuki As you board the plane, just because Akothee said it’s safe, if something happens to you, she won’t be near your family to condole with them and perhaps tell them “sorry.” She will be somewhere, say in diaspora, enjoying life.

    Boeing heard it from some pilots, never took action; we all know what happened next. See more

  • Joseph M Nduguya In Aviation industry, there isn’t room for errors. Ask Boeing.
  • Waihuini Kariuki I wish Silverstone would hire a PR company to do the damage control. These influencers are making it worse. That being said, I will never use them again. My experience wasn’t bad, but a family member came from kisumu on a night flight and it was filthy and smoking. The person got sick because if the fumes and I reported that to the management.
  • D Wa Ogugo Sometimes accidents have no one to blame, ata sisi wenye hutumia footsubishi tunateleza kwa matope na kuanguka, do we blame the messy roads, let this not be noisy and messy, akothee u smart moma….
  • Jay Alphonce 2 coincidences in a span of 48hrs makes me nervous.Im glad you are paid for the assurance that is work. We don’t want to fly with “our coffins” nyako!
  • Kalya Kyrgitt Kiprono PR blunder. Brand ambassadors are never PR managers. There’s a reason corporates retain PR companies and hire communication directors. Please allow the airline to handle this matter with KCAA and the Ministry of Transport. Once the public is assuaged aSee more
  • Rosemary Adegor MadamBoss, you have been a great and fantastic ambassador for Silverstone and whoever got you on board is a great marketer! My only worry is that, you are a brand yourself so be very careful when endorsing a brand that clearly has both technical and saSee more
  • Polly Maina It seemed strange but challenges are not there to finish you but to make you stronger. What God has blessed no one can curse.
  • To
    Caroline Isoe There are accidents everywhere, let’s pray that God protects us from every calamities. Nowhere is safe take note
  • Ruth Michira We only put God first, its only by His Grace and Mercy that we make it safe..
  • Alicia Francis We only put our God first coz this aircrafts and vehicles only man made 🙏🙏we all pray for everyone using them safe journey mercies everyday 🙏🙏
  • Calvince Omondi The Airline is a catastrophe in waiting.How comes the plane wheel feel in Lodwa and only made a emergency landing in Eldoret.
  • Aɭɓɘʀt Aɭɓɘʀt Thanks for the information. I’ve never known that an aeroplane requires wheels to fly.
  • Babu Na Sababu Continue having your bedroom inside that aircraft, as long as you are risking your life and you know it, we’ll have no option but to say RIP in advance! END OF THE MEETING.
  • Adhiambo Otieno So the same aeroplane had a landing incident at the Masai Mara….and this did not get to the news.
    And you chose to tell us this of your own very volition.
  • Betty B Gachari Akothee we love you but we are not ready to buy your story… I mean, the matter at hand is about people’s lives, not buffalos…
  • Chrissie Akinyi As much as we love you Akothee, this is very stupid. If the world can bring Boeing to a standstill, who the hell do you think Silverstone is? Why should people continue to use Silverstone? Highlight what they are doing to improve the airline and don’t 
  • Wairimu Muriithi What i love about Silverstone is the name only..!!”Silverstone “
  • Maryline Ajuma I’ve noticed every time Akothee is advertising This airline I see very beautiful aircraft with enticing interior but I’ve never happened to board that kind of beautiful planes by Silverstone I’ve been doing round trips to Nairobi from kisumu almost monthly till the tragedies occurred I had to run back to Jambo. Ni bahati yangu ndio mbaya ama kwa ground vitu ni different 😂😂
  • Fred Kwame I prefer Mafruits express to Silverstone. Safety comes first and there is a cost of not doing it right 1st time.
  • Leah Nyandia For the first time I disagree with you Madam… Precautions should be taken. Flying should be very professional. Stop telling us it’s not news. It is actually bad news.
  • Top fan
    Fridah Dominic Take it easy mom,I personally when I saw the news I was shocked I think something is wrong somewhere and it’s my prayers ijulikane and if there is somebody behind that ashikwe,
  • Fred Oyongo When it comes accident don’t refer us to history what’s there is negligence, incompetency in the entire management hiracy but don’t tell us about witch hunt amongst your competitors, when you’re a entrepreneur there must be competitors to improve on your service delivery to your customers
  • Maureene Audih Erick This is a very serious matter Madam boss and should be handled with care, professionalism and urgency it deserves. flimsy comparisons and history cannot do damage control. Unless the airline is able to fix the problem and assure the public of their safety they will continue to lose clients
  • Liz Nelima Where there is smoke there is fire
    The company should ensure safety
  • Top fan
    Makinda Mogendi Never been in an airplane, but planning to use Silverstone soon. Keep up the good work. Kuna ingine ilikwama kwa matope huko North Eastern but si yenu.
  • Michael Aruya Silverstone Air is a great flyer, I have personally used it and indeed enjoyed their services. You just need to identify where the laxity crept in, fix it and you are back on top of the business. All the best. Ohh and by the way Akothee very good job defending your brand and it is “Flyer” not Flayer
  • Alice Alek Best is to address the safety concerns rather than just defending.. airplanes can be crazy.. even the ones with good safety records..when two incidents occur close to each other., it’s time to work backwards and do a gemba walk to mitigate any issues… it can save lives.. my two dollars 💵 on this… peace ✌🏿
  • Owen Bosire Omwansa All said and done. Let them rectify any anomaly that’s tainting this brand. Remember perception is key in Business.
  • Priscilla Ogolla Don’t be on the defensive, its people’s lives not a sack of potatoes. The airline should take necessary precautions and build clients confidence.
  • Bev Dennis Odhiambo Unfortunately it takes just one crash and people are dead,kwani they use cellotape in service.kama kuna shida ni muhimu kukubali na kurekebisha,human life is more valuable than money and marketing gimmicks
  • Top fan
    Rosy Rayella What are you trying to justify? The series are just too much..
  • Dommie Mondah I smell a rat you are bragging about the number of passengers you have carried around the airspace but your technical bench speaks volume of the incidences that have been happening from time to time.. Are they qualified or just pathetic.. Personally am not boarding anytime time soon ooooh.. Until further notice Awuoro yawa🙄🙄🙄
  • Martoh Muriithi Well, how comes all the pics you share are classy interior of the same plane. However kwa ground vitu ni different we board old, tired and worn out plane from the same fleet.. Anyway you are a true ambassador just tell them to be serious
  • Victor Wa Nakhumicha you have been paid to brainwash those without such insurence covers…… take some cash go find the difference btwn flyers and flayers, incidences and incidents… its never too late.
  • Victor Please fly me to any local destination, better I die 16000km above the sea level than die at salga via mbukinya …
  • Safari Emanman Shares, and profits of flying plane won’t be compared with life and nothing precious other than only life.
    The day you be beaten by a snake and when you see a rope you will automatically run a hundred miles away 😂😂😂
  • Phel Sebastian Tell the company to ensure safety and stop comparing eventualities and atrocities
  • Peter Mwenda Leave this to CAA,twerking and extreme makeover doesn’t qualify you an aviation expert.

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