Problems Killing Kenyan Teenagers From Inside

Problems Killing Kenyan Teenagers From Inside



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As much parents complain of how notorious teenagers have become, they need to dig deep into the core of such behaviors.

Many are times teens are blamed for the weird lifestyle that they have lately embraced. From erotic dance styles, seductive dressing to drug abuse. Do we ever wonder why they all do this? It might be something they are also not proud of but circumstances force them to.

Below is a list of issues that are killing teens from inside hence making them live a complicated life.


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Teens will never confess to society in case they are homosexual. Some become homosexual voluntarily while others are oriented by friends. The struggle of feeling left out in the community and denial leads them to do immoral things as a way of fighting off denial thoughts.

Dating older men

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Sponyos, as they call them, has become a regular term among teenagers. They engage in sex with older men for money favors. As young as a high school student, they get promises of big shopping while going back to school and trips to foreign countries. Having it in mind that they sleep with men as old as their fathers, kill their inner being hence making them have a complicated life.


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Sex among teens has become a usual thing. It happens in schools, in school buses on their way home and during holidays.

The worst happens when teen girls become pregnant and they are forced to have an abortion by their parents or their so-called boyfriends.

If the abortion was against the girl’s will, she ends up living a miserable life since it remains an experience she will live to blame those who were involved.


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Once parents separate, children, suffer most. In a case where the children left behind are teens, they end being so stressed up that they even ran to streets and embrace the worldy life. As much we point fingers on them remember that there is someone who is responsible for their way of life.

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