Mishi Dorah Robbed Off Hospital Bill Donation

Mishi Dorah Robbed Off Hospital Bill Donation



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Socialite Mishi Dorah is in much pain and regret after she made a mistake which cost her hospital bill donation.

Mishi, who has been hospitalized, pleaded with her fans to help her meet the bill.

Unfortunately, when sharing her phone number in her Instagram account, she wrote it wrongly hence the donations going to a wrong recipient.

On realizing, she called the lady who was receiving the donations pleading her to give her back the money but the lady refused. She instead told her that she should tell all thoe who sent money to reverse it.

“I made a mistake fam.. my number is 0725963560. If you sent money to 0725973560 then kindly do reverse it and send it to my number… The lady has refused to send money she insists people that sent to reverse…” she said.

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Mishi was admitted at Nairobi Women’s Hospital after she developed difficulties in breathing, a condition she has been fighting for ears which became worse on Monday.

Since she was not in a position to meet the bill and her friends and family had ignored her, she came out seeking help from her fans.

“I’ve been sick for years now but on Monday it got worse and I got rushed to the Nairobi women’s hospital by my colleague coz I couldn’t breathe well… ” she said.

” It has taken me a lot of courage to come out and ask for help since the people I trust and call my friends and family haven’t come through for me…”

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“I need urgent help to continue getting the treatment that Is needed and pay the bills… Currently, the bill is 147,000ksh still increasing as days goes by and they need 100k as a deposit…”

This comes after she celebrated the suffering of a politician, Libinus Oduor, who was also hospitalized after he became paralyzed from electrocution.

The Mayoni Member of County Assembly had in the past ran over her with a car and shot at her leaving her to die with multiple pelvic bone fractures, torn ligament and a broken left hip bone. He also tried killing her again at the hospital being the reason as to why she ended up in ICU.

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