Hitches to Expect When You Book in a Kenyan Lodging

Hitches to Expect When You Book in a Kenyan Lodging


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If you are a person who travels for long-distance often, many are times you spend in hotels. As much as people don’t talk out, hotel roms are full of dramas. Check out some of them below;

Wrong room

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Once a person becomes a frequent visitor to a specific hotel, the attendants get used to him that he ends being given a similar room all the time. T

he worst happens when the room is issued to a different person and as usual when the frequent visitor arrives he heads to the specific room only to be surprised on finding another occupant.

Strange visitors

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A stranger knocks on your door and on opening she explains that the shower in her room is not working hence requesting to use yours. Being a good neighbor, you accept only for her to order food and drinks after taking a shower and leaving behind the bill for you to settle.

Booking canceled

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In a technology turned world, it has become easy to perform long-distance transactions through internet.

You re now able to book for a room for a night in a faraway hotel even before you arrive. Imagine in a situation where you successfully make your boking only for you to arrive at the hotel at night and to your shock you are informed that it was canceled.

You start arguing with the attendants but nothing happens. You end up paying for nother room in a different hotel where you might be charged more than the previous one.


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You arrive at your booked hotel early enough with your lover and after taking a shower you decide to take a walk in the new environment.

On getting back to the room, you find a well-spread bed with red roses and a bottle of champaign on it.

Thinking your room has been issued to another person, you consult the hotel management only for you to be surprised with the information that the hotel manager ordered the attendants to do that for you and your lover after he realized you were there for your honeymoon.

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