Kenyan Pastors Who Were Caught Up in Scandals

Kenyan Pastors Who Were Caught Up in Scandals


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It seems like 2019 is a year of unmasking rotten and rogue pastors hiding in sheep’s clothing.

Some of the scandals which took Kenyans by surprise have left the controversial pastors swept under the carpet by the size of sins they are carrying.

Several of those scandals include fake miracle, sleeping with people’s wives at the name of cleansing to conning their congregates.

Here are some of the pastors whose names have been tarnished.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a

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Founder of Neno Evangelism Centre is so far the King of scandals. Whenever his name is mention it is followed a scandal.

He was recently slapped with a fine of  Ksh1 million by the Communications Authority for exposing a woman’s breast on his online platform, Sasa TV.

A few months ago he was arrested for threatening Citizen Journalist Linus Kaikai but later released on a cash bail of Ksh200,000.

Prophet David Awour 

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Repentance and Holiness Ministry leader Prophet David Owuor was put on the spotlight for allegedly brainwashing a rich female church member and fraudulently taking over her multi-million properties.

He was accused of stealing millions of cash and assets from a woman identified as Jane Muthoni Njagi who was a staunch member of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry.

The man of the cloth who has been on the receiving end in the recent months after a West Pokot woman he allegedly brought back from the dead in 2017 ‘died again’.


Pastor  Victor Kinyari

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A self-declared doctor and prophet who operates Salvation Healing Ministry.

He was busted by the media for selling fake miracles for Ksh310.

He tricked innocent faithful with a promise of a fake miracle.

Pastor Allan Kiuna

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Pastor Allan Kiuna with his wife Kathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) is also on the list. It is said that the Kiunas have transitioned the house of worship into a public air market where all sorts of business starting from prostitution, beauty pageants to pyramids schemes are booming.

They are also said to be performing miracles at a price milking money from innocent Kenyans.

Kiuna claimed that by emptying half of your bank account to his account, you will miraculously find the money in your account to have doubled within.

Allan Kiuna was also caught in a mpango wa kando scandal which allegedly made his wife flew out of their matrimonial home.

 Bishop Gilbert Deya

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He rose to fame during those days of miracle babies.

According to him, he has supernatural powers to make infertile women pregnant.

He is not left out of the circles of scandals one of which involved UK and Kenyan authorities concluding that Deya and his wife were running a smuggling ring dressed in the appearance of a ministry where they steal children from women and smuggled them to Britain.

He was also accused of sexual assaults.

The miracle babies producer, Gilbert Deya, was charged with three counts of rape and one count of attempted rape again a woman.

Prophetess Lucy Nduta

She is the mother of Prophet Dr. Victor Kanyari and the self-styled prophetess who calls herself HIV/AIDs healer.

She said through prayers she has a total cure for the disease. She resorted to selling prayers to her followers for HIV/AIDs healing miracles and eventually landed in jail for deceiving people.

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