Dirtiest Secrets Adults Carry Along

Dirtiest Secrets Adults Carry Along


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Everyone has a secret which he or she will never share with anyone. The reason for carrying it alone its because one might be not proud of it or it may have a negative impact on the society if disclosed. Check some of these secrets below;

Sex with Landlord

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While many struggles with meeting Landlords’ deadline, some people use weird ways to settle such situations.

No one will ever confess that they do have sex with their landlord so as to get rent favors but it does happen.

Some ladies who find themselves in situations where they have no money to pay rent end up laying with the landlord to compensate for the unpaid month.

Sex with family friends

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That friend you trust most that you can even leave her behind with your husband might be the source of your marriage troubles.

Your husband will never confess that he engages in sex with your so-called family friend. He would rather die than sharing such a piece of information.

Sex with a teacher

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We all had this teacher you had great crush on. If the feeling was mutual and you two screwed up, would you ever share the info with anyone?

The answer is definitely a no. No one will ever admit that they got intimate with their teacher back in school. It will remain a secret between the parties involved.

Sex with a relative

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It happens. During family gatherings, cousins hang out together and the parents will never be bothered. In fact, they believe their daughters are safe with their male cousins. What happens after they go partying and get high? Do they still retain the cousin tag? It during such scenarios that they will engage in sex and keep it a secret between themselves.

Sex for job favors

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This is widely known but the fact remains that no one will ever admit that they engaged in it. Many are times ladies engage in sex with their male bosses for a job promotion or salary increment. Having in mind that you have bills to meet, they often accept the offers.

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