Keep Off Kibra Politics, William Kabogo Tells Uhuru, Raila

Keep Off Kibra Politics, William Kabogo Tells Uhuru, Raila


ormer Kiambu governor William Kabogo being interviewed on KTN’s Blank Point. Photo/Courtesy

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party leader Raila Odinga to stay away from the upcoming Kibra by-election campaigns.

Mr. Kabogo revealed that the involvement of the two leaders in the Kibra campaigns is likely to jeopardize the handshake that has already brought tranquility to the country.

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Kabogo has urged the two leaders to stay away from Kibra by-election campaigns

In an exclusive interview with KTN’s Point Blank, Kabogo observed that the spirit of the handshake was to unify the country adding that the two leaders need the time to build bridges and not concentrating in politics that might divide them.

“If Uhuru and Raila go to Kibra to do campaigns, then the story of handshake will change. The two needs time to build bridges and not leading campaigns that might keep them apart” advised Kabogo

He observed that the blame games in the campaigns might take back the two leaders to where they were before the handshake.

“When I saw that mMariga thing in Statehouse, I told myself, is this the end of the handshake? And it could be if not checked,” he added

He advised the two leaders to leave campaigns to other junior party leaders (the Tujus) as one way of proving to the country that the two parties can compete based on party manifestos and not divisive politics.

At the same time, the vocal leader called on the two leaders to quit politics in 2022. Kabogo observed that such a move will ensure that the two leaves Kenya in a peaceful state especially after the fruits of the handshake.

Jubilee and ODM supporters peacefully greeting each other during their campaigns in Kibra on Monday, September 10.

Kabogo added that their presence in the 2022 ballot would likely plunge the nation into a contest of tribal groupings.

“I would imagine they know that they are in their sunset years in politics and that they would not want to leave this country the way their father’s left it,” stated Kabogo.

He also added that Deputy President William Ruto should reconsider running for the top seat as one way of ensuring that the country fully heals.

“We may be pushed to put pressure on them to build bridges, but not participate in the 2022 election. Let them be the country’s fathers. Hata yule jamaa mwingine (even that other guy in reference to Dr. Ruto), should also consider the same so that this notion of ‘They are creating seats for themselves’ should not be there ” asserted Kabogo.



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