Flashy Kenyan Celebs Who’ve Fallen on Hard Times

Flashy Kenyan Celebs Who’ve Fallen on Hard Times


Many Kenyan celebrities who are famous are broke yet live a life of faking it till they make it. These Celebrities believe that it is expected to hang out inexpensive hotels and clubs; riding in a matatu is taboo and so is showing up in a beaten-up ride.

However financial struggles come in various forms: there are those who have found themselves broke. Here are some of them:

1.Conjestina Achieng’:

Congestina Achieng’ or ‘Conje’ as she is fondly called by Kenyans was once the darling of boxing in the female category. Her light shined bright both locally and internationally but a series of events including her deteriorating health and alleged mental problems saw her star dim.

          Congestina Achieng’

2.Gor Semelang’o:

The former Youth Fund Chairman and flamboyant Businessman Gor Semelang’o was on Wednesday jailed for 30 days. Gor had failed to pay a 9million debt. This shows that he is not doing too well.

Gor Semelang’o

3.Danson Mungatana:

After the 2017 elections, this former MP became desperate for a job. As poverty continued to bite, the former MP tried his luck in county jobs but nothing was coming forth.

Danson Mungatana

The young “Under 18” hit maker’s misery began with his dalliance with the brown bottle.
He almost lost his life a while back after he was involved in a serious road accident that happened in October , 2013.


5.Ruth Matete:
For some time now, rumor has it that Tusker Project Fame (TPF) 5 winner is broke after lavishly spending the Ksh.5,000,000 she won at the end of the show.

  Ruth Matete    

6.Bobby Mapesa:
He was once one of the most sought out Kenyan rapper despite his vulgar lyrics. But the alcoholic rapper has gone down the drain with no hit song to prove his lyrical prowess.

Bobby Mapesa


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