Cute Outfits to Wear on Your Wedding When You Don’t Want a...

Cute Outfits to Wear on Your Wedding When You Don’t Want a White Dress (Photos)


Mwaura Ndichu and Miss Momanyi on their wedding day (Instagram)
Mwaura Ndichu and Miss Momanyi on their wedding day (Instagram)

On February 10, 1840, Queen Victoria broke tradition by walking down the aisle in a white lace and silk gown during her wedding to Prince Albert.

A colour that went against the grain since royals traditionally got married in red and velvet and not white which was the colour of mourning.

This act may have turned noses among the aristocrats but it brought forth a new tradition, white wedding dresses.

Queen Victoria wedding (Courtesy)

According to an excerpt from Godey’s Lady’s Book, a popular American magazine in the 1800s white was worn because “It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one.”

Centuries on, virginity and purity of a woman is no longer put on a pedestal but women are still walking down the aisle in white gowns.

However, if you are like Queen Victoria and also want to thwart tradition in an eye-catching dress, then you can walk down the aisle in a colour that veers away from the white wedding tradition.

From green to pastels to ivory, we have a selection outfits that you can rock on your big day.

Check them out:


Solange Knowles and Husband Alan Ferguson
Solange Knowles and Husband Alan Ferguson (Pop Sugar)

Borrow a leaf from Solange Knowles who not only rode a bicycle to her wedding venue but also wore a jumpsuit.

2.Green Dress

Green wedding dress (Pinterest)
Green wedding dress (Pinterest)

Dazzle in green for your crucial day


How pretty is this? (Courtesy)

Borrow a leaf from the Indian tradition and wear red which is seen as a sign of prosperity and fertility.

4.Yoruba Style

Yoruba wedding (Bella Naija)

The Yoruba tribe of Nigeria are known for their flamboyance and when it comes to their weddings, they up the ante. Dazzle your wedding guest in a Yoruba style outfit.


Lovely (Bella Naija)

This is for the bride that wants to steer away from tradition but not too far away.


Beautiful in black (Courtesy)

Black is usually seen as a sign of bad luck during weddings but I think it is a stunning colour for the gothic and edgy bride.

7.Pastels like pinks and blues

Blue and Pink Pastels (Courtesy)

Miss Momanyi and Mwaura Ndichu were the talk of the town with their ostentatious outfits during their wedding day.

The bride wore a soft peach fit-and-flare dress while the groom channelled the 20’s vibe with a top hat from FlameKeepers Hat Club in Harlem NY and a Tuxedo suit with long swallow-like tails.

8. Nude

Brides do not have to be demure, stand out from the crowd in a nude figure-hugging dress with lace.

Bride in Nude (BellaNaija)

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