Trouble Looms For Kiambu Deputy Governor After ‘Toppling’ Waititu From Office

Trouble Looms For Kiambu Deputy Governor After ‘Toppling’ Waititu From Office


Kiambu Deputy Governor being flanked by MCA’s when announcing that he was taking over Kiambu County leadership.

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro is under siege.

This follows a court order that requires him to present himself at the corridors of justice, on Wednesday morning, over a series of questionable actions he took over the county leadership.

According to a petition filed by Marion Njoroge, Nyoro is accused of contravening and violating fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual as enshrined under articles 179(2),(5) and (6) of the constitution of the Republic of Kenya.

Marion, a registered voter in Kiambu, also accuses Nyoro of acting contrary to the constitution and flaunting mandatory provisions of the constitution.

“The Deputy Governor in his acting capacity has made numerous irregular appointments, cabinet reshuffles, has hired and dismissed County Executive members without any legal basis contrary to provisions of Article 179 (5) of the Constitution as read with section 32(4)of the County Government Act 2012,” cited Marion in her petition.

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Kiambu Deputy Governor accused of violating the constitution.

The Kiambu voter added that the county executive committee members are only accountable to the County Governor for the performance of their functions.

Marion also argues that the action by the deputy governor is unlawful and illegal hence rendering him unfit to hold any public office specifically the office of the Deputy Governor.

Nyoro, took over the mantle of leadership on July 30 after Governor Waititu was dragged to court over corruption allegations.

On September 6, Nyoro published in the Kenya Gazette a notice purporting to effect a re-assignment of the County Executive Committee Members in Charge of Finance and Economic Planning as well as Trade, Tourism, Cooperatives and Enterprise Development by swapping them.

The CEC for Finance and Economic Planning Francis Kigo Njenga was moved to the Department of Trade, Tourism, Cooperatives and Enterprise Development.

Mburu Kang’ethe, who was in charge of the Trade department was taken to the Finance docket.

After he took over the leadership, the deputy governor promised to seal all corruption loopholes in the county.


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