Outrage as Diamond’s father appears shirtless in a music video

Outrage as Diamond’s father appears shirtless in a music video


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Diamond’s father Abdul Juma has made it to the headlines again after he was spotted shirtless in a music video.

This video has triggered outrage as many social media users have criticized him for going to the extremes in the name of fame.

5 months ago, Diamond’s father featured in a debut song dubbed ‘Mwewe’ before making an appearance in another song titled ‘Unanijua’.

According to Mr Abdul, he revealed that his intention is to support young talent and help them grow their music. However, many believe that upcoming artists are using him to gain fame.

In regard to the video, some fans think that it is shameless and disturbing that he portrays pervert behavior judging from his interaction with ladies in the music videos.

Apart from being on the spot for being featured in music, Mr Abdul was also trolled over a rare video of him dancing with Tanzanian video vixen Amber Ruty.

Concerning his aspirations in the entertainment industry, Diamond’s father mentioned that he would not mind working with his son Diamond in some of the music projects that he would fit in.

Have a look at the reactions

azeway4 Jamani hawa wanamziki wawache kumtumia hyu mzee hii ni haibu tele

kaviloto😂🤣Naona alikua anatamani kuimba ashike shike wanawake

marthamichael94Huyu baba yake dai naona kachanganyikiwa na maisha

reymsaga Hutu muzee ni muhuni😂

moniq_mahHv km alikuwa na kipaji alikuwa wap miaka yote kuimba jmn.why nw asitulie ale uzee??😢

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