Heated Reactions as Alleged BBI Recommendations Leak Out

Heated Reactions as Alleged BBI Recommendations Leak Out


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President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga together with BBI committee

When the Building Bridges Initiative committee was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, most Kenyans hoped that the team would present the recommendations to them for a referendum once it completes its nationwide tours.

Things could, however, prove different if alleged leaked recommendations by a local daily publication are anything to go by.

According to insider sources from The Star, the team is recommending an expansion of the executive to introduce the position of Prime Minister and two deputies through purely parliamentary amendments without a referendum.

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Most Kenyans have dismissed the parliamentary system of passing the recommendations

The report, which has already caused a heated debate online among many Kenyans, indicates that the 14-man task force will instead recommend the strengthening of various laws, including constitutional changes in Parliament, without necessarily calling for a referendum.

Raila has been a strong advocate of a parliamentary system and the alleged recommendations are viewed as a strong strategy to ensure that the initiative sails through.

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The BBI recommendations are expected to solve all past political injustices and inequalities

It is, however, the decision to ‘exclude’ Kenyans from the final decisions that have set the internet on fire, with a large section of users already expressing their disappointments on the committee.

The recommendations could be headed for a major face-off with Tanga-tanga MPs already showing their intentions to shut down the bill in the referendum or when it gets to parliament for discussion.

Here are some of the harsh reactions from the already irritated Kenyans, who feel the committee has been taking them for a ride if indeed the alleged recommendations are true;

Kevyne Kenn Oduori divulged, “We don’t need over-representation already we’re burdened. we need to reduce executives positions by a large portion not adding. Lastly, health docket be returned to the national. 

Daniel Kungu, “You cannot change the structure without a referendum so they want to use the clause Uhuru used in public act while creating Chief administrative Secretaries.”

Wan Eddie stated, “They have read and realized the public mood is against creating more positions. In parliament, they can manipulate and buy the support of our ever-hungry MPigs.”

Joseck Moffat added, “This country belongs to all Kenyans not only the family of Oginga Odinga and Johnston Kamau.”

“Our president should just concentrate on implementing his agenda and protect our constitution as he promised during his swearing in, Mambo na kuthokothania our katiba (changing our constitution) to introduce other things through backdoor will not be acceptable it is tentamount to breaching of the oath of office,” Festo Korir stated.

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