A New Dawn in Mandera as County Gets Its First Boreholes Since...

A New Dawn in Mandera as County Gets Its First Boreholes Since Independence


Amid the biting drought, Mandera County residents have something to smile about following the successful drilling of two boreholes in Lulis and Banisa towns respectively.

Important to note, this was a breakthrough for the County government because since independence, several attempts of drilling boreholes in Banissa have been unsuccessful.

The County Head Ali Roba said that the new development is a great relief for residents during the ravaging drought season.

Marsabit Governor Ali Roba [Image, Courtesy]
Marsabit Governor Ali Roba [Image, Courtesy]

The boreholes come as a great relief to the area that faces perennial drought which often fuels inter-ethnic clashes with neighbouring communities due to fights over the scarce essential commodity.


Early today, Ali Roba raised alarm over the drought situation in the county.

He claimed that over 300,000 people in Marsabit are facing starvation.

He said: “Mandera County is currently in “emergency phase of drought” hence we are experiencing a severe shortage of water due to failure of the short rains”

The Governor added that most of the water sources have either dried up or overstressed and that there is no pasture to sustain the animals.

He noted that the prevailing drought situation had adversely affected the residents, livestock and wildlife.

He appealed for help from the national government and charity organisation to avert the loss of life.

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