8 Female Celebrities With Big Boobs but Rarely Show Them (Photos)

8 Female Celebrities With Big Boobs but Rarely Show Them (Photos)


In a world where big bums rule, big boobs are often overlooked, undeservedly.

Mostly because most chest-ically endowed people prefer modesty as opposed to exposing their chests.

Today we bring you some of the biggest and best boobs the Kenyan showbiz industry has to offer:

1.Maureen Kunga

The world momentarily stopped when this buxom babe flaunted her assets in the Elani hit song ‘Koo Koo’ where she walks down the streets as her breasts bounce.

2.Bridget Shighadi

Nick Mutuma’s baby mama may be tiny, but her boobs aren’t.

3.Miss Cashy

Just like Bridget, Cashy is one of those petite chics who are blessed with a huge rack.

4.Bridget Achieng

The ‘Nairobi Diaries’ actress has big ta-tas and though her bum often takes centre stage, when the time comes for her to show her boobs off, she is never shy.


This former ‘Nairobi Diaries’ cast member has a nice pair of girls and they are as natural as her beauty.

6. Lorna ‘Lornzie’ Muchemi

Her breasts became a moneymaker after she earned a spot as a model for Double Dees, a bra store that caters to D to K Cups.

7. Kirigo Ng’arua

Miss Kirigo has a murigo on her chest.

8. Terryane Chebet

Just like her bestie Kirigo, Mama Talaa is endowed. We can call them busty besties.

9. Mwende Macharia


The Queen of the Airwaves has a nice rack too.

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