Ingwe Fans Captured Mistreating Their Wazito Counterparts in Kakamega (VIDEO)

Ingwe Fans Captured Mistreating Their Wazito Counterparts in Kakamega (VIDEO)


Image result for angry AFC Leopards fansA video has emerged online showing how AFC Leopards fans turned unruly against their Wazito FC counterparts during their Kenyan Premier League match played on Saturday, September 21, at Bukhungu Stadium.

Wazito had beaten Ingwe in a pre-season tournament and a lot was at stake on this much-hyped match, including bragging rights. And fans knew this too well.

Both teams went into the match with a winning mentality; Wazito pulling strings from all over especially in the first half. Going into the 70th minute of the game, AFC Leopards fans could not believe that their players had not scored. Time was moving too fast.

With this intense pressure hovering all over the capacity stadium, a few AFC Leopards fans crossed to Wazito FC fans’ stands and forcefully evicted everyone who had put on anything yellow (Wazito’s home jersey is yellow).

In the video, obtained by Opera News, evidently agitated Ingwe fans are seen chasing away hapless Wazito fans-some of whom were equipped with drums and Vuvuzelas for the purpose of cheering up the Fred Ambani-coached outfit.

One of the fans who was a victim has told Opera News that they were overpowered by the noisy Ingwe counterparts and that they could not do anything other than obliging and leaving the stands.

“We were on our stand. All of a sudden, the AFC Leopards fans came and chased us away. They shouted at us and threatened to beat us up if we didn’t leave immediately. So we had to walk away,” the fan said.

Former Ulinzi Stars talisman John Makwatta would later be fouled by Wazito captain Bernard Ochieng’ inside the box and the resultant penalty was converted for AFC Leopards winner towards the end of the game.

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