Government to Blame for Collapsed School Building – Senator Omanga Explains

Government to Blame for Collapsed School Building – Senator Omanga Explains


Nominated Senator, Millicent Omanga, on Monday, faulted the government for a collapsed school building in Nairobi.

According to her, government’s failure had led to the collapse of a two-storey building at Precious Talent School in, Ngando Ward, Dagoretti South Constituency.

“It is a sad day in Nairobi, and we are supposed to blame our government. The government has left schools to citizens to build and manage schools on their own,” lamented Senator Omanga.

“Government departments in charge of ensuring safety in buildings are taking bribes so as to approve substandard buildings. It has failed to put up standard measures for private schools,” she continued.

Omanga further stated that the government had neglected Ngando ward claiming that the roads were impassable and there was no security, not even a police station.

“The whole of Ngando area does not have a public school, so all the children here have to come to this school. We need a public school here,” she added.

Dagoretti MP, John Kiarie, also directed his blames to the government for its failure to construct a public school in Ngando Ward.

The Monday morning incident was full of blames as the school owner directed the misfortunes to a nearby construction that weakened the classroom walls.

Seven students have died from the calamity with 57 casualties undergoing treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The government, through its spokesperson Cyrus Oguna, stated that it will cater for the hospital bills of the casualties.

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