Everything You Missed at the 27th Edition Koroga Festival

Everything You Missed at the 27th Edition Koroga Festival


Food and music lovers across the country gathered for a fun two-day weekend extravaganza that the Koroga Festival is known for. The event organizers partnered up with Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi to host its 27th edition.

The lineup of performances had some of the best artists in the game. On the first day which was Saturday 21st September, artists such as Decimators, Zzero Sufuri and ‘Wamlambez’ hitmakers Sailors gang lit up the event with their electrifying performances.

DJ Joe Mfalme on the decks didn’t disappoint either as he kept revellers on their feet dancing to the latest hits.

Day two was definitely the highlight of the festival as an international recording artist from Ivory Coast Alpha Blondy worked his magic on stage.

Going with the reggae theme, Wyre the Lovechild and Redsan, Kenya’s most successful reggaeton artists also performed.

The crowd wasn’t left behind on the reggae theme as they danced an sang along to the lyrics in their favourite artist’s songs.



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