Defiant Kamanda Holds Kikuyu Delegates Meeting in Kibra to Campaign For Imran...

Defiant Kamanda Holds Kikuyu Delegates Meeting in Kibra to Campaign For Imran Okoth


Jubilee Party Nominated MP Maina Kamanda holds Kikuyu delegates meeting to campaign for Imran Okoth.

Jubilee Party Nominated Member of Parliament Maina Kamanda kicked-off his campaign for ODM party candidate Bernard Imran Okoth on Sunday.

The defiant MP, despite criticism from party members and the subsequent petition filed to oust him, held delegates meeting with members from Kikuyu community in a bid to drum up support for the ODM candidate.

Confirming the endorsement by members of the Kikuyu community. the Orange Party said on Sunday through its twitter page that the meeting endorsed ODM’s candidate for the seat.

“Jubilee Nominated MP Maina Kamanda led Imran’s campaign this afternoon by hosting a delegation of members from the Gikuyu community in Kibra for meeting our candidate.

The delegates said they only know one candidate and that is Bernard Otieno Okoth Imran,” said the party through its social media account.

Kamanda endorses ODM Candidate Bernard Imran.

Kamanda met ODM leader Raila Odinga on Thursday where he endorsed the party’s candidate or the seat despite his party leader endorsing McDonald Mariga for the seat.

The move prompted four Jubilee Party members  to file a petition to have his nomination recalled.

The four argued that the move by the Nominated MP to endorse the rival party candidate amounted to gross misconduct hence calling for his ouster.

“On 18th September, Our party leader and deputy party leader endorsed McDonald Mariga as our Jubilee candidate for Kibra constituency by-election slated for November 7.

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The following day on September 19, Maina Kamanda visited the former PM’s office at Capitol Hill and declared that he will support ODM candidate Bernard Imran Okoth,” reads one of the grounds under which the petitioners seek Kamanda ouster.

The petitioners also found Kamanda at fault for disrupting church services in Murang’a County and Nanyuki.

They argue that the MP’s action was against Jubilee Party set standards hence calling for action.

“…all those actions amount to gross misconduct and hence punitive action should be taken,” demanded the petitioners.

The four Godfrey Maina, John Wangai, Kevin Kiarie and Kanda Tililei file their petition on Friday and according to the document shared on social media, Jubilee Party has received the petition.

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