Victoria Cup: Simbas Players Deliver Personal Message to Fans After Zimbabwe Duel

Victoria Cup: Simbas Players Deliver Personal Message to Fans After Zimbabwe Duel


Image result for kenya simbas vs Zimbabwe rugbyKenya national Rugby 15s team players, the Simbas, have taken it upon themselves to, personally, appreciate rugby fans, who cheered them up against Zimbabwe’s Sables in the Victoria Cup match played on Saturday.

The Simbas managed a 36-14 win from the clash which was staged at Nakuru Athletic Club, and they-evidently, cannot keep calm, despite the fact that they finished behind the visitors in the Cup.

On Sunday, they collectively took to their official social media to thank fans, especially those who travelled from all over the country to support them (the Simbas) in the important battle.

From the post, it is clear that the short video of the vividly happy players, was shot inside a bus-seemingly the one they used to get back to the capital city after the match.

“From the Simbas we just want to thank each and everyone who came yesterday to support the Simbas in the game against Zimbabwe Sables-the match that we won. We just appreciate that. Thank you so much,” they said, before ending with a resounding signature roar-just like the real Lions!

Kenya finished overall second with 21 points, one less than those of Zimbabwe-the eventual winners.

Here are the squads which did duty in the tie;

Kenya Simbas: 1. Ian Njenga, 2. Toby Francombe, 3. Melvin Thairu, 4. Emmanuel Mavala, 5. Malcolm Onsando, 6. Joshua Chisanga, 7. Monate Akuei, 8. Elkeans Musonye, 9. Samson Onsomu(C), 10. Charles Kuka, 11. Timothy Okwemba, 12. John Okoth, 13. Vincent Onyala, 14. Geoffrey Okwach 15. Anthony Odhiambo

Reserves: 16. Frank Mutuku, 17. Elisha Koronya, 19. Ian Masheti, 20. Brian Juma, 21. Samuel Were, 22. Barry Robinson, 23. Tony Omondi 24. Michael Kimwele

Zimbabwe: 1. Tatenda Rwenyu 2. Keith Murray 3. David Makanda 4. Sean Beevor 5. Godfrey Muzanargwo 6. Godwin Mangenje 7. Brian Nyaude 8. Bisele Tshamala 9. Hilton Mudariki 10. Dudlee White Sharpley 11. Blithe Mavesere 12. Chibuwe Ngoni 13. Daniel Capsopoulos 14. Takudzwa Kumadiro 15. Kudakwashe Chiwanza.

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